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How to Sell Art Online: The Studio Source Framework

As artists, we are skilled and talented in so many ways. But running a business? Or considering that what we do even is a business? Not so much.

The Studio Source Framework is a hub to teach how to market and sell art online, take control of your work, and shift your mindset into entrepreneur mode to successfully market your work and build a profitable business— with a supportive, like-minded community there to cheer you on and guide you all along the way.

We’ve broken down our system into a step-by-step, bite-by-bite process to selling artwork online. We know it can be a little overwhelming when you are just starting out, unsure where to begin, and trying to do ALL the things. We hope this outline can give you some clarity on where to start and the steps to take!



Step 1:

Build your brand and reach your ideal client through Instagram.

Get focused and specific your signature style and visual brand, share your story, and begin to connect with your audience! This free platform is an incredible tool for visual artists!

Step 2:

Get professional with your website to share and sell your work! Building a website is easier than ever these days (we’re big fans of Squarespace) to create a branded, professional experience to impress your audience and elevate your business.

Step 3:

Establish and grow your email list full of VIP collectors, invested in your work.

Social media is a great introduction to potential buyers, but an email list takes your marketing message to the next level -- grow your list, and have a direct line to those invested and interested in collecting your work! (Bonus: it’s not influenced by the pesky social media algorithm!)

Step 4:

Create an experience for buyers to be excited and engaged, and eager to buy -- and then SELL! Releasing in seasonal collections, limited editions or small batches, builds excitement while you share your process of creating, and urgency for fans and followers to become collectors.

Step 5:

And repeat! As a working artist, your process is never-ending -- constantly evolving and growing as a maker; and as a smarter, wiser marketer of your artwork. Continue improving your skill and signature style, sharing your work, and growing and connecting with your audience to sell your work online.

And remember, this framework is to give you the skillset to build your dream business -- have fun with it, experiment and try new things to reach your ideal collectors!