How to Reach Your Ideal Collectors Online and Sell Art Consistently


Hosted by Lindsay Emery and Allie Dattilio of The Studio Source.

Learn The Artist's Sales Framework™, the four-step sales cycle to attract your real buyers online, and get your work sold quickly and consistently.

Spend less time "selling," and more time making art.


In this free workshops, we'll teach the steps to reach your ideal collectors online and sell your art consistently.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes holding artists back from getting their work seen + sold online.

Why you don't need thousands of followers to make consistent sales.

The 4-Steps Sales System to put you in control of your art business and income.


  • You are an artist who realizes the potential of selling online, but struggle to get your artwork seen by your real buyers.

  • You no longer want to depend on galleries and in-person events to make sales (and keep more profit!)

  • You can't keep up with all the tech and ever-changing algorithms.

  • You aren't sure what sales strategies will make the biggest impact for your business.

  • The logistics of setting up a website, pricing and shipping are overwhelming you and holding you back.

  • You know you're talented, but you feel like you're missing the "secret piece" to the puzzle of selling art.

We're Allie + Lindsay

Allie Dattilio is a fine artist, most known for her signature #goldleaflandscapes that have amassed a loyal following amongst top-tier interior designers and art collectors, selling out five-figure collections in minutes. As a mom to three young children and full-time artist she knows first hand the challenges of building a thriving creative business while balancing all the things.

Lindsay Emery is the ceramicist and designer behind, Suite One Studio known for painterly glazes, feminine finishes, and flourishes of genuine gold that have created a new aesthetic within handmade pottery and commercial tableware. Her designs have built a six-figure business, and can be seen on the covers of major publications and Anthropologie shelves across the country.

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