JUST ADDED to The Shop: The Artist's Pricing Manual + Workshop

Why Teaching Art Online Should be Part of Your Business Plan

If you’ve ever taken a Business 101 course, you know one of the first things they teach is Diversification is Key. Diversification allows you to “get all your eggs out of one basket” so to speak, and it creates multiple streams of revenue - who doesn’t love that? The best part is, you can even diversify by creating passive revenue streams.

Okay, but what’s passive revenue? It’s work done once that can be leveraged to generate revenue even after the active work is finished. Think scalable, low “active” time-investment. Creating passive revenue in our own businesses was a game changer. It provided us with stability and security so we could spend more time in our studios and with our families!

For some artists, a passive revenue stream could be your Print Shop, or it could be creating and selling an online art course! Online courses provided us with the security we needed, and we want to show you how to build the same stability in your art business. That’s why we created The Artist’s Online Course Blueprint.

In this course, you’ll learn step by step how to create AND market your own online art course. You’ll receive video content, step by step tutorials, downloadable workbooks, and more. Everything you need to get your course up and running and market it to your ideal students.

You'll learn how to utilize the skills you already have, like creating the perfect abstract piece or landscape, to expand and diversify your business-- and make those additional income streams while you're at it!

  • More passive revenue means:
  • More $$$ because you’ll have an additional revenue streams
  • More time because you’re making more passive income
  • Less burnout because you’re diversifying your offerings
  • More creativity to make your artwork! (Goodbye production hustle!)

Enrollment into The Artist's Online Course Blueprint starts on Monday, October 16th, 2023. It doesn't matter where you are in your art career, you have the ability to diversify your business with an online course!