JUST ADDED to The Shop: The Artist's Pricing Manual + Workshop

Featured Member: Marcela Strasdas

For this week's featured artist in residence, we're highlighting Marcela Strasdas! Her studio is inspired by nature from her travels, the ocean, gardens and more. She's crafted a consistent online presence between her website and Instagram feed and we are here for it! 

When you visit Marcela's website, she's done an excellent job keeping her design simple. When you land on her home page, the upcoming date for her next collection is front and center! Her call to join her Collector's List is right there to let her audience know - This is the place to be to snag your own piece! Even the way she describes her upcoming collection generates energy about her work and creates a sense of joy. We love this because it is very endearing and gives us a point to connect with her! 

Other points we love about her website include her about page where she talks about her art journey. The layout of her website allows her available work to crisply shine against the white background. And she is present on both her website and in her feed. We love how her audience knows exactly what she looks like, because this means they know exactly who is crafting their unique piece of art. Keep up the great work, Marcela and good luck with the upcoming collection launch! 

To learn more about Marcela and stay connected with her work, you can visit her on Instagram here and through her website here