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5 Common Tax Deductions for Artists

Tax season is here and as artists this can be a puzzling topic. You’re working and earning money from your art and you’re buying supplies to keep your business running… but what does that mean exactly?

Just like with your personal taxes, there are things you purchase for your art business that you can write off as deductibles that can significantly lighten your financial burden. Understanding and leveraging these common deductions can financially empower you to thrive in your creative pursuits with confidence.

Let’s start with an easy checklist of those seemingly obvious but often overlooked deductions that you probably use every single day without even realizing it!

1. Art Supplies

This includes anything you use to create your artwork. It can be paints, canvases, clay, work stations, storage containers, etc. 

2. Computer/Phone

Since you most likely use your computer and/or cell phone to handle your business related tasks like updating your website and replying to customer emails, you can write them off as a business expense!

3. Marketing Materials

This mostly applies to artists who do any in-person fairs or events. Any stationery you purchase as your marketing efforts, like business cards or banners, can be deducted.

4. URL Purchase + Renewal

If you sell your artwork online, the purchase (and yearly renewal) of your website domain is tax deductible.

5. Education + Training

This is commonly overlooked, but consists of any course/classes you took to expand your skills and help your business.

The most important thing to remember for deducting items on your taxes is to save your all you receipts. If you weren't great at last year, try to make it a habit now so filing is easier next year! We have a full list of art studio and business write-offs, as well as additional tax-saving tips, included in our free Tax Guide for Artists! This download will kickstart your tax season preparations, saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress along the way. Download it now and take control of your finances with confidence!