Reach Your Ideal Art Collectors Online
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We teach artists how to reach their ideal collectors online, so they can make steady sales without the guesswork.


Dispelling the stereotype of “starving artists,” we are taking control back from the limited gallery and consignment model, tapping into the infinite network of art collectors online, and putting more profit back into the pockets of creators.

The Founders

Allie Dattilio is a fine artist, most known for her signature #goldleaflandscapes that have amassed a loyal following amongst top-tier interior designers and art collectors, selling out five-figure collections in hours. As a mom to four, and full-time artist she knows first hand the challenges of building a thriving creative business while balancing all the things.

Lindsay Emery is the ceramicist and designer behind, Suite One Studio known for painterly glazes, feminine finishes, and flourishes of genuine gold that have created a new aesthetic within handmade pottery and commercial tableware. Her designs have built a six-figure business, and can be seen on the covers of major publications and Anthropologie shelves across the country.


The Studio Source SHOP

This is an ever-expanding shop for artists seeking quick shortcuts, curated education and done-for-you solutions to jumpstart your art business.

Whether you are looking for thoughtfully designed templates to refine your brand, or are ready to invest in personalized coaching to improve your online presence — we’ve got you covered.

The Residency.


Featuring The Artist's Sales Framework™, our program to teach artists how to reach your ideal client and create consistent income through selling your art online.

Includes video lessons and workbooks, live coaching, and an exclusive member's community.

Become an Artist-in-Residence and join the most supportive group of artists, learning and building thriving businesses together.

What our students are saying...


“I've made my investment in The Residency at least 10 times if not more, and it hasn’t even been a year! I’m overjoyed. Selling online is a dream and my business is only growing so I’m sure it’ll be much more than that soon."

-Camille  @camilleselhorst


Creativity comes naturally to me, but the business side of things has been a struggle. The Studio Source has really helped me with that because it’s given me a formula. 

It’s taught me a method and it’s something I can easily understand and easily implement!

- Chanell @chanelljoyfineart


"I released my first ever collection 5 months after joining the residency and launching my business from the ground up!

I implemented every part of TSS and as a “baby” artist, my collection sold out (except for 1 piece) in 8 hours time. My smallest piece was $185 and my largest was $1296. I am floored!

I am so amazed by the success of implementing these tools and can’t wait to release my 2nd collection, of which I have several “collectors” communicating that they are planning to buy again!"

- Amy. @amymarcyart


One year with TSS and I figured out my “Why”, redefined my art and my brand, and have a clear path I can confidently follow.

I work through the courses at my own pace, free of guilt and that is both realistic and sustainable.

Best part — the TSS fam helped me with my career change, something I struggled to do for years!

- Johanna @johannachawart


Our Free Resources for Artists

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The Masterclass

Free Masterclass teaching The 4 Steps to Selling Art Online.

 Learn The Artist's Sales Framework™, the four-step sales cycle to attract your real buyers, and get your work sold consistently and quickly online.

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Resource Guides

Free toolkits and step-by-step guides for successfully selling art online.

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Facebook Community

Join over one thousand other artists growing their online businesses in our free community -- crowd source answers to your biggest questions!


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