New Elective: Bookkeeping & Taxes for Artists

If there’s one topic that’s almost guaranteed to stop a creative in their tracks it’s finances. This topic is cloaked in mystery and certainly isn’t discussed openly within the art community.

Do artists need to pay taxes?

Should I hire a bookkeeper from the beginning?

What’s a write-off and am I missing any deductions I should claim on my taxes?

These are just a few questions we hear artists frequently ask.. and we get it because we’re artists too and these are the sort of questions we used to ask!

It’s tempting to ignore your finances as an artist and to focus instead on all the feel-good things like creativity, and new materials, and fun workshops that teach you how to express yourself. We love those things too, but they’re only part of the picture when you’re running an art business!

There’s power in knowing your biz numbers. Stop ignoring your art business. Tackle your finances like a pro. A business that doesn’t know it’s financial health (or weaknesses) is susceptible to all sorts of stressful situations... and they’re all avoidable!

In this new Elective, Bookkeeping & Taxes for Artists we provide you with the tools to look straight at your finances with confidence.

In this mini course we include pages and pages of our favorite bookkeeping practices, checklists of common write offs in both the art side and the business side of your business that you may be overlooking, a helpful Schedule C document from tax expert, Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax, as well as interactive workbook pages that will help you prioritize where your business income is going so you can make the most of every dollar that comes into your growing business. The best part of this entire course is that every word caters the material to you as an artist selling online written from our combined years of experience as artists selling their work online too!

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