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How to Take Branded Photos in Your Art Studio

Treat your art business like a brand and take it to the next level with a branded photoshoot. 

Here are 3 tips for your next branded photoshoot:

1.Choose a place that fits your “vibe.”

Select a location that compliments not just your artistic style, but your personal style as well. Opt for an outdoors shoot at a local park or your backyard if it works well with your online brand. If you’re just shooting in your studio, arrange it so it fits your aesthetic.

2. Dress in solid colors

Pick your outfit so it compliments your artwork. Opt for solids as not to take away from your art, but don’t be afraid to pick a color that matches it! We’re fans of neutral colors, but your outfit choice is a way to let your personality shine through in each photo!

3. Take a variety of photos

Since you’re already dressed up and the photographer is there, you might as well get some good use out of the experience! Take a variety of photos, some with you and some without. Bonus Tip: have a second outfit handy to change into so it looks like your photos were taken during multiple sessions. This just gives you more options when it’s time to post!

Remember: branded photoshoots aren’t just for big brands. Once you start considering your art business as the brand that it is, you’ll find yourself getting excited for all the things you get to do!

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