Featured Member: Victoria Campbell

Are you looking for some joy and abstract art? How about an Instagram to inspire you with a variety of product shots? We are loving what we are seeing from Victoria Campbell through her Instagram and website, see if it inspires you in your own art studio and developing your online presence! Read on to see what benefits this could bring your studio. 

One of the things we are loving about Victoria's online presence is the cleanliness of her website. The focus is on her artwork, which can easily be seen from the home page and showcases the variety of products she's offered over time. Potential clients can see the colors that pop up again and again, as well as start to picture which product would fit their home best. This is continued on her Instagram, especially as Victoria has started to share artwork for sale with the hopes of supporting her local charities and businesses in the wake of COVID-19. One of the goals many of us share is to support ourselves and our families through our art business, yes. But many of us agree that using our art to support others, especially in times like these, can be a special aspect of our studio and make that a goal as well. We love seeing how Victoria has taken her reach to go beyond herself and help look out for others! It's just another way to see we can make our studios whatever we want them to be and how selling online can make that become a reality! 

To learn more about Victoria and stay connected with her work, you can visit her on Instagram here and check out her website here