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Featured Member: Tracy Armstrong

This week we'd like to highlight Tracy Armstrong and her art studio! It is always exciting to see artists try out some new things as they prepare for a collection release and go through the process to find what works for them and their audience. We are loving some of the progression we're seeing in her online presence and would like for you to see it, too! 

One thing we have always loved about Tracy's feed is how often she appears for her audience to connect with. It is much more likely for others develop a personal attachment to your work when they can see the person behind the art! But lately Tracy's photography skills have consistently been getting brighter and crisper, and we are here for it. This is representing her and her art so much better! Clear images help the colors and textures in her work stand out much better, allowing future buyers to know exactly what they are buying before they check out. 

Another lovely behind the scenes post she included was a little varnish video. We want to engage the audience with us and make them feel like they know the details of our work just as well as we do. She used video to highlight what she loves about the process - Listening to the varnish against the texture! When we are working with such a visual way of sharing with our audience, it can be so smart to include our sense of hearing, too. All of these aspects add up to a fuller experience with her work, so that anyone interested in buying from her can know what to expect.

To learn more about Tracy and stay connected with her work, you can visit her on Instagram here and through her website here