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Featured Member: Stefanie Schönhals

This week's featured artist is German artist Stefanie Schönhals! Her studio features bold and contemporary art, with vibrant colors and a variety of mediums. We are loving everything about her feed and website, we think you'll really like them, too!

One of the standout features of Stefanie's Instagram and website is the photography. We love how she varies the subject matter on her feed from close ups to her work, wide shots of her current works, head shots of her in her studio and more! The more you can fully illustrate your process with your audience, the more connection they can build with you and your work. This can be a huge driver in boosting your sales. One thing very important for all artists to notice is the clarity in her shots - Her artwork is crisp! You can see everything clearly, the details stand out and there's no guessing about what it looks like in real life. By capturing her artwork in bright light her clients can be confident in what to expect when they buy from her. This is something often overlooked and underestimated by many artists selling online. Great job Stefanie in presenting you and your art in the best light possible! 

To learn more about Stefanie and stay connected with her work, you can visit her on Instagram here and through her website here