Featured Member: Rachel Piluso

This week we would like to feature Rachel Piluso and her studio Arteak Design! We have been loving the progression in her IG feed, as well as the smart choices she's made in her website design. Do you share some of these features on your own online platforms? Read on to find out!

One of the first things we notice about Rachel's recent postings is the variety she has in her images. Some shots feature detail shots of her jewelry, while others are beautiful staged images of her products in use. There are also shots of her at work, both including her face and hands, which highlights the unique and handcrafted nature of her work. We love this and think her audience loves it, too! Her page is highly branded, from her story images to the color palette of her feed. This is another way to develop consistency for her audience. 

We want to take some time to recognize Rachel's website as well! She recently launched her website and shared it with her audience after giving them regular updates on it's progress through Instagram. But once they visit her website, they are immediately given the option to subscribe to her email list! This is an incredibly smart move, because it allows Rachel to secure that list she can own. That way she won't need to rely on IG, or anyone else's, algorithm and consistently get her wares in front of her ideal client. Great choice, Rachel! 

To learn more about Rachel and stay connected with her work, you can visit her on Instagram here and through her website here