Featured Member: Natalie Ray

Each week we are going to give a little shoutout to a particular member who we notice really putting in the effort to implement our strategies, support one another, and take the brave steps to growing their businesses!

Recently Member, Natalie Ray caught our attention with the successful launch of her first collection! We're so inspired by how deliberately Natalie worked on her collection and how clear her voice is as an artist.

Since joining us we've watched Natalie's instagram transition from darker, filtered images of her daily life to a clearly branded feed that showcases her art in natural light and that brings her fans into the creation process.

That branded experience continues on her website where the rich colors in her art find balance with a minimal white background. We love how user friendly Natalie's website is, which makes it easy for fans to become shoppers!

A simple, clean website is one of our biggest tips for Artists creating their own websites and Natalie's site is a great example of how impactful simplicity is when it's done well!

Here's what Natalie had to say about her first release, "I was literally having to pull out work that I wasn’t even planning to sell to make sure everyone who wanted a piece left happy. My heart is full!! Also thank you to @thestudiosource and our community for pushing me & preparing me to release my work as a collection!"

To see more of her work, follow Natalie here on instagram!