Featured Member: Lisa Riehl

This week we would love to feature Artist in Residence Lisa Riehl from the West Coast! In the last few months we've been noticing some great work on her Instagram feed and we love that she recently launched her own website. One of her posts we particularly love could be a great solution for many other artists in our community, too!

By now you know we love to see artwork displayed online in photographs with bright, natural light. It is so important to represent our work well and in a way that our collector's feel like they know exactly what they are purchasing! Lisa has consistently been doing this with her work and started to avoid incandescent lighting or shadows that might distort the colors of her work. Details are easy to see, from visible brushstrokes to sharing a variety of angles of the same piece. We want our clients to feel confident in their purchase and this is a great way to do that.

One of our favorite things we noticed in Lisa's feed was how she enlisted the help of her friend, and fellow Artist in Residence, Marcela Strasdas to get great shots of HER to include in her feed. This might have been easy to overlook, but many artists underestimate how important it is to have crisp images of themselves in their feed. Some artists might see getting pictures taken as an extra expense they can't afford. Others might think it simply isn't worth their time. But it is so important to help build that connection between you and your audience! It doesn't have to cost you a lot and it doesn't need to be a big production. All you need is some good lighting, a great friend and a couple minutes to get some improved shots of you with your work that you can use on all your online platforms. We love how these two have supported each other in this way! 

To learn more about Lisa and stay connected with her work, you can visit her on Instagram here and through her website here