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Featured Member: Kristin Cronic

This week we'd like to feature artist Kristin Cronic and her Instagram feed! We are loving how she's reflecting what we like to see in an artist's grid and hope taking a look at her process can inspire you in your own posting strategies. 

After looking through Kristin's feed one thing is clear - She is present and visible to her audience. We see a lot of artists in Instagram, but Kristin is one who shows up more frequently than almost any other, but never in the same way. Some shots show her at work, some are simple headshots. A couple pictures crop out her face and show the scale of her work against her body or hands, while others are family portraits. Kristin presents herself in such a way that you feel like you know her. You can picture her working at her easel. You can see the effort she's put into her pieces. When you're wondering what her studio life is like, she spells out the experience for you! You want your clients to feel that intimately connected with your process, too. 

Visiting her website provides a similar experience. Since her website's navigation is straightforward with simple to follow links clearly provided along the top of the page, it is easy to learn more about her background and how she came to have the studio she has today. We love how personal her website is, how she shares her story and the way she helps others know more about her. Take a look to see if you might see something to inspire you, too! 

To learn more about Kristin and stay connected with her work, you can visit her on Instagram here and through her website here