Featured Member: Julia Loretta

Each week we are going to give a little shoutout to a particular member who we notice really putting in the effort to implement our strategies, support one another, and take the brave steps to growing their businesses!

This week we're celebrating Beta Member, Julia Loretta. You may recognize Julia's name from our Members Only Facebook group where she is a regular participant, thoughtfully encouraging others to put in the work to create their dream businesses. She really practices what she preaches!

One of the most remarkable changes in Julia since she joined us in Beta is the way she has embraced her online identity as an artist. What do we mean by that? Well, when Julia first joined us she was infrequently posting to instagram, her captions were more restrained, and she quickly identified herself within the group as someone who is naturally quiet and who finds it challenging as a quiet person to speak out on social media. How relatable is that to all the fellow introverts out there?

Julia didn't use her natural quietness as an excuse. Instead she's worked very hard to find her authentic voice on social media. Her captions show the reflective contemplation of an inward observer, and there is such poetry and beauty to her words. Likewise she has emboldened her photography and lighting skills to project a confidence that practically glows from her Instagram account.

Yeah. She's grown a lot. We couldn't be prouder! Follow Julia here and watch where her brand new adventure in Arizona will take her!