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Featured Member: Grace Croughan

Here in The Residency we all know our final goal: Launching a collection release and getting those sales! This week we want to feature artist Grace Croughan, how faithfully she's followed this model and recognize all the little steps she's taken to make this a part of her studio.

Grace's most recent collection is the Golden Highlight Collection, which was just launched to her Studio Insider's List on November 19th! But do you know when she first mentioned this collection to her audience on Instagram? In the beginning of October! We love how Grace thoughtfully showed the creation process of this collection on Instagram and frequently included the several call to actions, such as "Why not sign up to my Studio Insider list for early access?" She educated her audience about all the steps involved in her work by talking about how gloss would go on white, but dry clear to give the water it's shimmery finish. Grace also included video in her feed, to really display these little details as they were being added! All the while, she continued to direct her audience to her website and her email list. 

Once her audience moves over to her website, they are greeted with another prompt to join her email list and clear navigation options to find her collections! The website is bright and crisp, with a white background. Her about page has a beautiful picture of herself with her artwork and most importantly - Grace has listed her collections on her website for sale! We love that this is allowing her to retain as much profit as possible! Keep up the great work!

To learn more about Grace and stay connected with her work, you can visit her on Instagram here and through her website here