Featured Member: Gina Ariko

This week we'd like to share some recent developments we've been celebrating with Artist in Residence, Gina Ariko! For those of you who are more active in The Residency, you might recognize her more by the name Gina Marioni. Recently she shared with us that she's received her first purchase inquiry through Instagram and after looking at her feed, we think we know some of the reasons why she's getting more attention! 

When you look at Gina's feed from the last year, you can see a clear progression where she is sharing more and more of her work to her audience! For many of artists sharing the work is the real struggle. Posting your process, letting others see your final vision opens you up to both positivity and criticism and it is truly a vulnerable position to be in. We are loving that Gina has been working through this process after some difficult experiences in the past and refusing to let the remaining fear keep her from going after creating an art business! When you look at her feed today you can see a consistent style, as well as behind the scenes to what it looks like as she creates her work. This shot in particular is a favorite of ours and we can't wait to see more of her with her art in her feed and in a website someday soon! Keep up the great progress, Gina! 

To learn more about Gina and stay connected with her work, you can visit her on Instagram here