Featured Member: Ella Friberg

Each week we are going to give a little shoutout to a particular member who we notice really putting in the effort to implement our strategies, support one another, and take the brave steps to growing their businesses!

The Studio Source is more than an educational resource for artists selling online. Community is a huge part of what makes our system work and why our artists say their lives have changed through The Membership. As artists selling online we know how isolating it can be to navigate the online world alone. That’s why we put so much effort into growing the unique community of The Studio Source which is filled with dedicated artists who are taking major steps to challenge themselves and grow their online strategy. With that in mind we’re going to share some of our member’s biggest moments right here with you.

One of our beta members, Ella Friberg recently hit a personal goal of going live on her instagram stories for the very first time! Going live on instagram is no small task. For many of us this unedited public video streaming is mildly panic inducing to say the least.

Ella took on this challenge after working through our course, Instagram for Artists. She utilized techniques and tips provided in the course to create her first live video, which was a total success! She was engaging, interactive with her viewers and created a fascinating behind the scenes story of her process painting a massive, custom wall mural!

Ella implemented strategies from The Studio Source coaching and course content to achieve this milestone and we couldn't be prouder of her! Go give Ella follow on her instagram here to catch her next live!