Featured Member: Anne DeJong

Each week we are going to give a little shoutout to a particular member who we notice really putting in the effort to implement our strategies, support one another, and take the brave steps to growing their businesses!

It's hard to believe artist Anne DeJong is a self-taught oil painter. Let's start with that. Her work vibrantly captures the Canadian landscape and invites us into a world where the grass is somehow greener and more beautiful than we remembered it, and the sky somehow bluer and brighter than even the most perfect summer day.

We were fans the instant we saw her work. Then we learned more about Anne's story and we became even stronger believers in the big places she will go. Anne works HARD and pushes herself forward toward her goals.

Anne's background is in graphic design, which makes sense when you visit her brand new website. The layout is clean, easy to navigate, and her minimal web design puts her art right in the spotlight (how we always think it should be).

When Anne first joined us her instagram account was only a few months old and she hadn't yet sold art online. A quick look at her new website and the collection she just launched last week, and you can see with all of those "Sold" stickers that she's already well on her way to all the big places she'll go. We're so proud of you Anne!

To see more of her work, follow Anne here on instagram!