Featured Member: Amy Marcy

This week we would love to celebrate and share the progress that artist Amy Marcy has been making for her art studio! Between launching her website, starting her Pinterest page and improving her Instagram feed, we are loving how Amy has been buckling down and focusing on so many aspects of her studio to prepare for her first collection in June 2020. 

Amy recently shared her new website with us in the Facebook group and we are loving the components Amy has included. Joining her mailing list is front and center, making it easy for any potential clients to sign up and being very clear with the benefits of joining - They will be the first to know about her first collection ever!  There are several points where Amy clearly let's her clients know what is coming and what to expect. We LOVE the clear communication she's sharing there. Another thread we see throughout her website and Instagram feed that we love is her recently established palette that is embracing the dark side of her upcoming collection and her textured techniques. The recurring texture helps to tie her pieces together even even when their palette doesn't perfectly match. Bringing her audience into the process of learning new techniques is such a smart way for them to connect with her work, too! Over the last six weeks she's really done so much to evolve and improve her studio's presentation. Keep it up, Amy! 

To learn more about Amy and stay connected with her work, you can visit her on Instagram here and through her website here