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Featured Artist: Laura Dechaine

This week we are celebrating member Laura Dechaine! This past week she launched her first collection through her website and we've loved hearing her thoughts after the release. She shared in our group: "Thank you everyone for the kind words of encouragement during my launch yesterday. I had one sale but it was a sale. Yay! So I’m pushing forward to expand my audience and I know this takes time, effort and more exposure. Perseverance is in our blood as artists to keep on keeping on. Self doubt has been evicted and joy and determination are renting rooms!" We love this positive attitude and reflection, thank you for sharing Laura!

Over the past several months we've watched Laura build up her online presence by crafting a consistent image through her Instagram and website. Laura's feed features a steady palette that draws directly from nature and gives you (and her ideal clients!) plenty of detail shots of her work. All of this brightness is carried over to her website, too! We love the clean shots of her artwork for sale, as well as a straightforward navigation clearly showcasing all aspects of her studio. Information about her workshops, blog and more is easy to find and gives potential collectors several contact points to connect with Laura in a more personal way. 

If you would love to connect more with Laura as well, you can visit her Instagram here and her website here

Keep up the great work, Laura!