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Featured Artist: Anja Feilen

We love that we get the opportunity to work with Artists from all over the world! That’s why we’re excited to share our Featured Artist in Residence for this week, German-based artist Anja Feilen! Anja has some beautiful content on her Instagram and website, and we can’t wait to talk about it with you!

There are so many things we love about Anja’s Instagram account right now. For one, she has easily adapted to regularly using Reels in her Feed! As this is a new feature released in 2020, Anja has incorporated them well with her other posts about her collections. Her Reels range from videos of her trying new techniques and tools to comedic takes of being an artist and a mother! We love how transparent Anja is with her followers because it allows them to develop real connections with her! 

Anja has an upcoming collection release, and she has been very consistent about sharing that with her followers! Not only does she have the announcement in her Instagram bio, she also mentions it in many of her posts, including close-up sneak peeks of some of the pieces! She reminds her followers that if they want first dibs on the collection, they need to sign up for her email list (and she even tells them how to do it!) Simple steps like consistently promoting your email list is just another way to grow your collectors! Great work, Anja!

To learn more about Anja and her studio you can visit her website here, and her Instagram here!