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Featured Artist: Alexandra Vaga

This week, we’re excited to have Alexandra Vaga from Source and Tradition Studio as our Featured Artist in Residence! We really love Alexandra’s website and Instagram feed, and think you will too! 

Alexandra creates beautifully unique slab-pressed and pinched tableware bowls and platters. Her ceramic pieces are hand-made with intentional impressions that show the love and work that go into making each work of art. This can be seen on when you visit her website, which explains the story behind her art. When her customers land on her homepage, they are greeted by a clean and symmetrical grid of images showcasing hand-made pieces. The navigation tabs at the top of the page are accessible and simple, as not to overwhelm the customers and make it easy to shop. On the ‘Shop’ tab, Alexandra utilizes ‘Sold Out’ stickers to show her pieces are currently unavailable, but to also create demand from her customers. The stickers show that her art is popular and loved, which can make her new customers eager to get their hands on one of her unique pieces!

Alexandra also implements many of the strategies we teach in the ‘Attract’ Module in her Instagram Feed. She does a great job of balancing her art with her own personal life, including pictures of her family and their travels. Alexandra owns her studio with her husband, and she showcases that “behind the scenes” part of her business for her followers! 

To learn more about Alexandra and her studio you can visit her website here, and her Instagram here!