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3 Ways to Customize Your Artist Website

If there’s one thing we know about artists, it’s that they tend to struggle when it comes to the business side of things. And it’s not our fault- most art schools neglect teaching the business training we need if we want to run successful art businesses!

So when it comes time to build and customize your website to sell your beautiful artwork on, it helps to have a little guidance!

You want your art website to be high-converting and look professional, because those are the things that will get your visitors to know, like, and trust you! (Something that’s super important if you want them to turn into lifelong collectors.)

Here are 3 things you can do customize your site so it looks more professional:

1.Stick to a small color palette

When it’s time to customize the colors on your site, opt for only 1 or 2 main colors that you’ll use for your entire site. These can be for larger text headings and color block sections (but make sure to keep a white background for each page.)

2. Select Images that compliment your brand colors

If you want to take your site to the next level, opt for the images on your Home and About page to match your main site colors. This will make each page look cohesive and provide you with added visual appeal!

3. Be concise with your text blocks

Avoid using long paragraphs on your site- except for on your About page. Keep all your text short, and use line breaks if you need to. With people’s attention spans getting shorter and shorter these days, long paragraph text is more likely to be overlooked!

If you’re ready to start customizing your artist website, we love Squarespace! It’s what we use in our own businesses, and it’s what we recommend to all the artists we mentor!

We’ve even built a Squarespace Website Template for artists that makes customizing your own site simple! It’s already built with artists' needs in mind, so all you need to do is copy and paste your content and photos.