Marketing is the business
of imagination.

The Studio Source helps you build an extraordinary business by focusing on approach—how you show your work, how you connect with your customers, and how you can make great marketing without selling your creative soul.


Stacey Cornelius
I'm a writer, jargon translator, idea junkie & creative entrepreneur with a Fine Art degree. I have years of professional experience in retail, theatre, fine craft and information technology.  Read More

Site policies

First things first: your email address will never be sold, given away, bent, folded or mutilated. I hate spam as much as you do.

Now onto the business at hand.

Do you have a refund policy? A policy on repairs? Guarantees on your work? No? Get busy and write it all down somewhere. If you do production work, make sure your customers know whether they can return something, or if it’ s exchange only. There’ s no point in waiting until something happens to get that bit of housekeeping done.

So here’s the basic policy for The Studio Source: play nice.

There will be lots of ideas put forward here. Lively debate is encouraged, but name-calling and other bad behaviour is not. Comments are moderated.

Please respect copyright. If you quote someone in a comment or email, give that person credit. That applies to The Studio Source, too. Feel free to quote me, but use proper attribution, preferably with a link to the relevant post. We all want credit for our hard work, don’t we?