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Stacey Cornelius
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Take your talent and run

February 28, 2012

cirque performer
Image by whoalse by Allen

The headlong rush for attention
Technology has lowered the barrier for entry for publishing, for selling, and for rapidly expanding your audience across the globe. Creatively speaking, that’s a good thing.

The problem with a low barrier to entry is the number of people tripping over it.

I know creatives who are dismayed at the growing crowd of hacks out there. So dismayed that they’ve nearly given up on trying to promote their work. They believe they’ll be lost in the crowd, drowned out in the noise.

They want to run. The wrong way.

A dying art, a pressing revival, a thriving library & drawing with fire

February 5, 2012

A dying art: street photography in Kabul

There are exactly two street photographers left in Kabul, Afghanistan. The Afghan Box Camera Project shows the kamra-e-faoree (instant camera) to the rest of the world, and introduces photographer Qalam Nabi. Nabi demonstrates his art in this 8-minute video, complete with an intermission you don’t want to miss.

Thanks to Halifax photographer Aaron McKenzie Fraser for sending this across the interwebs.

Social media, in pictures – the explosion of Pinterest

January 31, 2012

carmelita caruana's pinterest page

Carmelita Caruana on Pinterest

The latest craze in social media
There was this little site that started in January 2011 called Pinterest. Called a virtual pinboard by its creators, it can be likened to an online scrapbook on steroids. It’s all about curating and collecting images and videos from every corner of the web. Pin an image to your virtual board, and whoever sees it can trace it back to its source.

That, in a nutshell, is the power of the site: potential customers can find you through collections of bright shiny things your admirers can’t resist.

The growth has been explosive: 389% from July to December 2011. Retailers and single users are reporting significant traffic spikes to their websites.

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