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A dying art, a pressing revival, a thriving library & drawing with fire

February 5, 2012

A dying art: street photography in Kabul

There are exactly two street photographers left in Kabul, Afghanistan. The Afghan Box Camera Project shows the kamra-e-faoree (instant camera) to the rest of the world, and introduces photographer Qalam Nabi. Nabi demonstrates his art in this 8-minute video, complete with an intermission you don’t want to miss.

Thanks to Halifax photographer Aaron McKenzie Fraser for sending this across the interwebs.

There’s no school like the old (typesetting) school

Bleisatz is the German word for typesetting. This gorgeous video from Dusseldorf shows the process, from initial sketch to final piece—including  cleanup. The video makes letterpress look easy. I’ve done it, and I can tell you it’s not nearly as easy as it looks, unless you’re adept at thinking backwards.

Thanks to Rajesh Pancholi, head honcho at of R27, a creative design & marketing studio in the UK.

Celebrating the 21st Century library

The next time someone tells you libraries are on their way to extinction, point them to this article. 

The Calgary Public Library set a borrowing record in 2011. 

Half half a million more items were borrowed last year than in 2010. The sixth busiest library in North America, its impressive lending total of 17 million items included books, DVDs, and 322,000 ebooks.

Long live the library.

Thanks to the marvelous Angie Abdou, author of The Bone Cage, The Canterbury Trail and Anything Boys Can Do for sharing this story.


Steven Spauzuk in his studio

Where there’s soot, there’s drawing with fire
What happens when you burn a canvas? Canadian artist Steven Spauzuk began experimenting with fire and soot as a medium in 2001. His portfolio ranges from small, gestural works to wall-sized paintings composed of smaller manipulated pieces.

 A quick overview, including a video, can be found on This is Colossal. To see his online portfolio, check out Steven Spauzuk’s website.

Thanks to Toronto art director Stuart Thursby for this one.

It’s never too late for a dream

What do Alan Rickman, Peter Roget (of Thesaurus fame) and Colonel Sanders have in common? They didn’t quit.

Rickman began his film career at age 46, Roget published his iconic book at 73, and whether you love his fried chicken or think it’s a culinary abomination, his success can’t be denied. He founded his empire at age 65.

Read their stories, with two other late-bloomers, at (with profuse apologies for the pop-up window and Cracked’s somewhat regrettable recommended stories).

Thanks to actor and producer Elizabeth Karr for passing this along via Twitter.

Inspiration—for new ideas, for ways to get your work into the world, or to just set the tone for the day—is everywhere. What inspires you?


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