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Stacey Cornelius
I'm a writer, jargon translator, idea junkie & creative entrepreneur with a Fine Art degree. I have years of professional experience in retail, theatre, fine craft and information technology.  Read More

Celebrating square pegs: what personality tests really tell you

April 3, 2012

square peg round hole
Image by MamaPyjama

Playing with career choices
Back when I was in art school, a friend who was working on a Theatre degree discovered student services offered a career planning test. This one was based on interests rather than skills, so we decided we’d both give it a spin.

The results were well worth ticking all the little boxes.

Before I tell you what happened next, I need to explain something about my friend: she’s the type that cringes at movies. If particularly well-crafted carnage were about to occur, she would, on occasion, shrink into her seat, knees heading for her chin, with at least one hand clamped over her mouth.

Her top career recommendation? Naval officer. As you might imagine, hilarity ensued.

Then I began to read my assessment aloud.

Jumpstart your year – do one simple thing

January 2, 2012

Start 2012 right
Image by Rachael Towne

Now that the holiday dust has settled…
Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?

Did you really want to make New Year’s resolutions?

I’m guessing you didn’t.

I’m guessing what you really want is for a bunch of things to happen for your business this year.

Say, for example, you want to finish your taxes done before the deadline, so you’re not in a panic.

Or you want to get more organized.

Or you have this vague notion about getting your marketing butt in gear. You know you need to do something, but you’re not sure where to begin.

Forget the resolutions.

Resolutions sound noble and courageous, but resolve is pointless if you don’t take action.

As in, right now.

Ditch your creative baggage

November 18, 2011

beginner's hands

Image by Becky Wetherington

A day in a creative life
She stares at the half-finished piece on the table in front of her. The twisted bulb, too close to her head, hums and crackles, bathing her tiny studio in a flood of alien light.

The knot between her shoulder blades is hot. She imagines herself bursting into flames, nothing left for the coroner to find but a small, unrecognizable pile of ash.

And that bloody damned thing would still be sitting there, a final, glaring testament to an utterly failed artistic career.

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